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Hannah Abbott
05 October 1997 @ 08:55 pm
I'm sorry we didn't get to have the picnic this weekend, my fellow Hufflepuffs. Professor Sprout hasn't given us permission yet, you see, and then there was all that business about Professor Krum getting hurt at Hogsmeade. Next weekend maybe.

After last year, isn't anyone else terrified scared concerned that the Death Eaters are so close to Hogsmeade again? They attacked an old man, for no reason! Doesn't Hogwarts have a fallout shelter or something? I have to stick to my new study schedule if I want to pass a single N.E.W.T., but all I can think about is different places to hide if there's another attack. How many of us can the Room of Requirement fit, if we ask it nicely for a hiding place? The Puff dormitories are probably safer than the towers.

I'm probably being silly. I've been reading Confronting the Faceless too much. That must be it.

I haven't told my Dad about the attack. I don't think he'd - well, I don't know how he'd react. I didn't tell him about last year's attack, after Mom I think I'll talk to Justin or Wayne about it, or maybe Bea.

And does anyone know how Professor Krum is? We aren't going to get another Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, are we? We've already have seven.

Anyway, I was hoping we could try for the picnic next weekend instead.
Hannah Abbott
20 September 1997 @ 09:19 am
Bother! I just felt like complaining for a moment, but I'm done now.

Everything seems to have calmed down in the past week, but I'm still worried. Dad writes all the time, which is nice. I don't like not having something to do.

That doesn't mean I think we need more homework, Professors! You're all doing a wonderful job of keeping me busy. Really. I haven't even had time to decoupage.

Now that I'm thinking of it, does anyone know how to do a very precise severing charm? I've left my scissors at home.
Hannah Abbott
10 September 1997 @ 08:44 am
Is the Ministry really sure that Hogwarts is still safe? I don't think we'd be safer anywhere else, but I'm a bit nervous. After all, they've got reinforcements now

There is a very large mountain of homework that apparated into my life when classes started. I'm keeping up with it though. I think I'll try and polish it all off this weekend.

I'm thinking of making a circlet out of embroidered fabric. I'm not sure what the best fabric to use would be. Does anyone know?

I'm being terribly boring. I don't have anything scandalous to say. I'll try and think of something very dramatic for the next time I write in my journal.
Hannah Abbott
02 September 1997 @ 08:49 am
I can't believe it! I saw it on the telly before I left for King's Cross and it's just awful. Princess Diana's dead, and I still don't believe it. I know it's silly, but I cried when they showed the wreckage. She was so young, and the princes are still so young. I know they must be feeling like the very ground's been tugged out from under them.

I was still all out of sort on the train. I forgot to give out the little souvenirs that I bought for my friends at Scarborough!

It was nice to see everyone at the feast. A bit comforting, really.

Our new professors are interesting, I think. Professor Switch wrote the book on Transfiguration, both figuratively and literally. Terribly amusing. I wonder how McGonagall convinced a Quidditch player to teach us Defence though.
Hannah Abbott
31 August 1997 @ 06:43 pm
Is everyone excited about going back to Hogwarts tomorrow? I'm not as eager as I usually am, but I'm looking forward to it. I just hate leaving Dad alone, but he knows to stay away from anything odd.

Scarborough was a very pleasant little spot. I bought a lot of little trinkets for my fellow Puffs, but I didn't have enough to get everyone something. I'll be sure to give out the presents on the train!

I hope I have everything packed.
Hannah Abbott
24 August 1997 @ 02:33 pm
No, but I am going to Scarborough! Dad and I are leaving tonight, we're going to spend three days there. It's a mini-vacation of sorts. I think Dad just wants to spend some time with me before I go off until Christmas again. It should be lovely.

Owls will find me, and I'll have my WWC journal, of course. I've never been there before; we always used to go to Blackpool in the summer. So I'm not sure if there's anything to do in Scarborough, except listen to Dad talk about the Vikings and how Scarborough was such a major port in the Middle Ages.
Hannah Abbott
20 August 1997 @ 10:01 pm
Hello to everyone I haven't already said hello to! This WWC really is a lot of fun, and it's so useful. I showed it to my dad, but I don't really think he understands how it works. He just laughed and shook his head.

It's troubling to see that universal access really does mean universe Ooooh, look at that I've already had to cross things out, and it looks absolutely terrible. Bother. I'll come back later and draw flowers on top of it.

This summer's been up and down really, but life's gotten easier now that I can do magic at home! Chores like washing dishes and mopping and cooking I get done in a zip now. At first, Dad got a bit nervous with the knives and things moving on their own, but now he thinks it's a blessing.

Suzie, do you want to meet in Diagon Alley to shop for books and things? I don't want to go alone. Of course, anyone else is welcome! Well, anyone I know.
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